The EC project RAINBOW organised an international workshop (click here to download the schedule), which took place at the "Mario Negri" Institute in Milan from 11 to 13 December 2006.

The discussion focused on how to integrate and make optimal use of animal data, non-animal data and predictions from computer-based modelling in assessing the risk of chemical compounds.

The workshop has been aimed at regulators, academic and industrial scientists and stakeholders such as chemical industries, animal welfare experts and public organizations.

RAINBOW is an EC funded project
RAINBOW is multidisciplinary and multisectorial
The main objective of the RAINBOW project is INTEGRATION

RAINBOW planned to gather in a workshop communities with experience in animal and non-animal data and predictions from computer-based modelling to discuss how to achieve a better risk assessment (RA) of chemical compounds, integrating their experiences through a workshop.

Regulators, scientists, problem holders and chemical industry took part into the workshop activities (click here to download the list of participants), and we assured the participation of young researchers from within and outside the European Union.

The workshop discussion was useful to break down barriers between scientific and societal areas.

The REACH initiative has been discussed in its implications on the integration of methodologies.

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